Vicky Rich!
 Region 2 Director
2004 - 2008


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My Biography
by Vicky Rich (Deceased, 2016)

I got my first horse, a Quarter horse, when I was 13 years old....a long time ago....even though I lived in the city and my mother was deathly afraid of horses. Although I started collecting Arabian Horse World magazines as a teenager, I did not get my first "Arabian" until my early twenties. She was a gorgeous liver-chestnut registered Half Arabian (Arabian/Mustang) that I bought as a two-year-old and lost as a five-year-old to viral hepatitis (the same year Sheila Varian lost a number of mares).

I then moved on to a purebred Arabian gelding of Kellogg breeding, 16 hands, and a very serious interest in dressage. Since that time I have continued to combine my love of Arabians and dressage.

I was the Regional delegate for almost 20 years for my club, the Conejo Valley Arabian Horse Breeders Association, until I was elected Director. I have attended most of the National Conventions during those years. I have been Chair of the Region 2 Dressage Committee for a number of years and an active member of the national committee. I am also a member of the Sport Horse, Eventing and Driving, and Anglo-Arab committees both Regionally and Nationally. Since 1985 I have shown on a fairly regular basis, mainly dressage and sport horse, although one of my mares won Reserve Champion Hunter Pleasure twice in large classes. I have shown at Regionals and done U.S. Nationals three times.

I do breed on a small scale; my focus is the Arabian and Anglo-Arabian sport horse. I live in an equestrian community  in Simi Valley. I have 5 horses; most live at home with me including one purebred mare, her champion 4 year old Anglo-Arab daughter who is headed to 3-day eventing with my daughter, and my current show/main riding horse, a 3/4 Arabian mare. I trail ride a lot. I also do a couple of parades a year. And I work at shows. I have been in charge of judges' hospitality, etc., since the Region 2 show moved to the Los Angeles Equestrian Center in Burbank, CA, and I am frequently a scribe for dressage including five days straight at Sport Horse Nationals last year. In addition I have worked for many years at the Circuit Shows our club puts on.

I have my own small business working out of my house doing student loan and small business collections.

It is a special thrill to have been elected Region 2 Director. I want to do my best for you. 

Region 2 Honors Our 9th Director