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Tribute to Helen Logan
 Great Friend  of the  Arabian Horse
& Region 2 Honored Member

  Original draft from the Santa Ynez Arabian Horse Club
and submitted along with photo by  Alison Crutchfield.  
 Adapted for Web page Production by Lorry Wagner
May, 2001

Helen Logan
One of Region 2's favorite people!

Helen Logan  of Santa Ynez, California, died peacefully, in comfort, and beautifully after a long battle with cancer on Tuesday, March 20, 2001.

Helen was deeply involved in the Arabian Racing Association of California (ARAC), actively rode endurance, and was a very hard working lady and inspiration for her local club, the Santa Ynez Valley Arabian Horse Association.  Helen was also a tireless worker for Region 2.

Many people have requested information about making a donation in Helen Logan's name to a particular charity, cause or organization which was meaningful to Helen.  There are several options to choose from that are listed and described below.

At Helen's memorial, it was suggested that since she had ridden "The Tevis Cup 100 Miles-One Day Ride" and finished it 12 times--a remarkable record--that a mile of the Tevis Trail be bought in her name.  There is an "Adopt the Tevis Trail" campaign organized and backed by the Western States Trail Foundation in Auburn, California.  A mile of trail costs $5,280.00.  The specific mile will bear Helen's name, The Helen Ryan Logan Mile, as designated through the donation process, and a special plaque with a certificate of recognition would be issued and  presented to the family.

All monies collected for eventually all 100 miles of the Tevis Trail go into an endowment fund which will be used for preservation and maintenance of the trail and promotion of its historical educational aspects.  This effort of collecting donations in Helen's memory for a mile of trail will be compiled and organized by Dr. Jeff Herten and Debby Lyons, fellow endurance riders.  Donation checks should be made out to Western States Trail Foundation (WSTF).  In the memo area on the check please indicate for the "HELEN LOGAN MILE."  Checks can be sent to Debby Lyon, 2695 See Canyon Road, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405.  The Western States Trail Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization which means all donations are tax deductible.

The other two organizations to which donations can be sent are the American Cancer Society and the American Diabetes Society.  Both of these organizations will wend a memorial card to the family if you include the name and address of the person to receive the memorial card as well as the name of whom the donation is in memory.

A very dedicated lady, the Arabian horse world will truly miss Helen's bright smile, gracious generosity and tremendous enthusiasm.  



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