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Arabian Horse Club Region 2

Starting in May, 2006, for
"Insallah Members Only"

In cooperation with The Arabian Horse Legacy

A different video session will be featured each month for 1 week after the regular Insallah Meeting
(if the meeting should be changed for that particular month, the video will still be available for
the above time frame as if the meeting had been held on the usual date).

Insallah hopes that you will enjoy this endeavor to introduce you to the wonders of the Arabian horse history via
 interviews with breeders and trainers from around the world from past and present,
video of horses and places from around the world from past and present,
and photos and multitudes of information not available anywhere else in the world
in one complete package on one site.

See below for more information on The Arabian Horse Legacy

Visitors to this page are invited to join Insallah Arabian Horse Club
which, as one of the perks for all our Insallah Members includes the free access to a video session on the

Arabian Horse Legacy Site!
See below for more details on this fabulous site!

 A new chapter from the Arabian Horse Legacy will be posted every month, exclusively for our Insallah Members.

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Announcing the World's Most Complete
Source of Information on the
Arabian Horse World-Wide

Arabian Horse Legacy Inc., which was founded by Ferman Ansel in 1994, announces the completion and opening of an extensive on-line library of research, photographs, video tapes, biographies, history and breaking new stories of the most significant Arabian horses and individuals involved with the Arabian horse breed world-wide. Several thousand Arabian horses have been videotaped and hundreds of people interviewed to form the foundation of this one-of-a-kind collection, starting in 1979.  AHL has been preparing for this change in format for over two years. Information never before seen by the public will become accessible.

AHL, Inc. has formed an alliance with WAHO to create a funding source to be used exclusively for the welfare and benefit of the Arabian horse breed. A percentage of the revenue generated from access to AHL's extensive online library will be donated to The Arabian Horse Legacy Foundation, a recently created 501 (c) 3 non profit corporation. This foundation will make donations to a dedicated trust fund to support the efforts of WAHO.

Arabian Horse Legacy
Description of New Program 

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