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Arabian Horse Legacy
World's Most Complete Arabian Horse Library


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The Arabian Horse Legacy


It is with deep sorrow that the
Insallah Arabian Horse Club
announces the passing of our valued member
Ferman Ansel on Friday, July 9, 2010!

IAHC was very privileged to have enjoyed Ferman's contributions as a member of this Club, including serving as our WAHO Delegate and privileged access to the below-described Arabian Horse Legacy library.

Watch here for more information regarding the preservation of this library which was the result of over 25 years of Ferman's dedication to the Arabian horse breed!
Below is a bit of history and description of this extremely valued work!

IAHC will continue to follow the plans for preservation of Ferman's work and announce here when this Library is re-established for all to use!

Click here to download the Memoriam to Ferman Ansel


The Arabian Horse Legacy Library is the World's Most Complete Source of Information on the Arabian Horse World-Wide!

Arabian Horse Legacy Inc., which was founded by Ferman Ansel in 1994, announced the completion and opening of an extensive on-line library of research, photographs, video tapes, biographies, history and breaking new stories of the most significant Arabian horses and individuals involved with the Arabian horse breed world-wide. Several thousand Arabian horses have been videotaped and hundreds of people interviewed to form the foundation of this one-of-a-kind collection, starting in 1979.  AHL had been preparing for this change in format for over two years. Information never before seen by the public was made accessible.

January 2, 2008 Arabian Horse Legacy Inc. (AHL) announced a major enhancement to the organizations website  that gave individuals access to one of the largest, most complete and diverse media available anywhere in the world about the Arabian horse breed. With an estimated 500,000 registered purebred Arabian horses worldwide, preserving the integrity of Arabian bloodlines is of critical concern to owners, breeders and the numerous organizations formed to support and promote Arabian horses.
This first-of-its-kind equine media store placed a vast amount of never-before seen interviews, first-person accounts by world-renowned experts and film or video footage and photographs of many thousands of significant Arabian horses, both historical and current. There were also documentary recordings of many important Arabian horse events world-wide, from USA to Turkey to Syria to Poland and more.
AHL, Inc. had formed an alliance with WAHO to create a funding source to be used exclusively for the welfare and benefit of the Arabian horse breed. A percentage of the revenue generated from access to AHL's extensive online library was to be donated to The Arabian Horse Legacy Foundation, a recently created 501 (c) 3 non profit corporation. This foundation would then make donations to a dedicated trust fund to support the efforts of WAHO. Upon learning of the future plans for this endeavor, Insallah AHC will keep our visitors informed




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