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Some of Our Early Members Speak

Members of Insallah AHC who wish to share their thoughts of why they have chosen this Club for their membership.

Current Members

Bonni Tierney:  "I joined so I would be in contact with like spirits who do business from the position of what is beneficial to the horse."

Lorry Wagner:  "Jeanne Hale and I started putting Insallah together in 2002 since we had been asked to create an internet club where people with the same goals from all over the world could participate in discussions and projects and not be limited by physical distances.  We have gathered a wonderful group of people who are great ambassadors for and care takers of the Arabian Horse. "

Jeanne Hale:  "I wanted a club that wasn't focused on showing.  With an internet club, we felt the focus would be on changing things rather than horse activities and we could concentrate on that aspect.  With growth, we are hoping to have more votes/voice to affect the changes for the better of the horses and the breed."

Past Members

Margie Hammer Pope:  "I joined Insallah because I thought it would be easier for me to be active in an (I)AHA club on-line than "in person" and it seemed like a nice group of horse lovers to join.  (I was right -- it is and you are)."

If you wish to share your reasons for joining IAHC , please contact Lorry Wagner

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