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 IAHC  Membership, Application and Payment Information


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The Insallah Arabian Horse Club, (IAHC), is a member organization of the Arabian Horse Association (AHA).  As a condition of membership, members of IAHC must abide by any bylaws, regulations, and any other agreements of both AHA and IAHC.

IAHC is also an Associate Member of the World Arabian Horse Organization (WAHO).  We welcome "international" members and send a delegate to the WAHO Conferences.  Contact WAHO directly for individual membership in that organization.

IAHC works through both the above organizations to coordinate the best interests of the Arabian horse breed around the world.

 AHA Membership Benefits:  
Membership Card
* Receive Modern Arabian Horse Magazine, The Official Voice for the Arabian Horse Industry for only $10 a year (see additional options below if you are not an IAHC/AHA-Affiliate Member)
Discounts on Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian registration and transfer of ownership
Access to "Members Only" sections of the website - Free Horse & Rider Competition Records
Unlimited listings on Arabian Horse Classifieds online
Breeders Sweepstakes enrollment and sire payback
Halter and Performance Futurities Enrollments & Renewals
Email communications to keep you current about AHA
Eligibility to join Discovery Farms and Mentor Network
Discounts on Data Source - 1.4 Million Arabian horses
Eligibility to participate in Community Shows
Free participation in Competitive Distance
Free participation in Open Event Incentive
Optional ADD-ON's to Enhance Membership
5% Discount for all Online Purchases at

 Membership requirements and fees for IAHC are listed below.
Clicking on "Add to Cart" will take you to PayPal Shopping Cart for payment which also accepts most credit cards!

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AHA Magazine Subscription

AHA Magazine Subscription

Adult Affiliate Membership, Applicant must be 18 years or over.  This category of membership shall  have all voting privileges and shall be eligible for any office of the Club or AHA:

Adult Affiliate Membership w/o Competition Card


Adult Affiliate with Competition Card

Adult Affiliate with Competition Card


International Affiliate Membership, Applicant must be 18 years or over.  This category of membership shall
 have all voting privileges and shall be eligible for any office of the Club or AHA:   

International Affiliate Membership

Junior Affiliate Member, non-voting:

Junior Affiliate Member

Insallah AHC Social Member, voting privileges on Insallah AHC matters only:     

 $15/year  (not eligible for AHA competition card or liability insurance coverage or all above-listed AHA benefits)

Insallah AHC Family Affiliate Membership,  ONLY one member of the group qualifies for AHA membership, the competition card and has 1 vote on Insallah AHC and AHA matters, plus ...additional family members qualify for voting on Insallah AHC matters only...not eligible for a competition card.    You have the choice of adding or not adding the competition card plus liability insurance for ONLY the designated IAHC/AHA member.

Please designate which member is the AHA member-- all additional family members will be eligible to vote on only Insallah AHC matters:   

 See the below "drop-down menu"  and select correct number of family members from the drop-down window for  "Add to Cart" selection.  Please fill in the "Designated AHA Member" and "...add e-mail..." blocks so we can correctly fulfill your membership category.


Insallah Family Membership w/o Competition Card
Designated AHA Member
Please add your e-mail address for contact purposes

Designated AHA Member

Please add your e-mail address for contact purposes

IAHC Family Affiliate Membership With Competition Card



Designated AHA Member Please send your e-mail address for your designated member to :

Lorry Wagner
(click above to send email)


First-time Members, application must be accompanied by appropriate membership fees. Checks are payable to:  Insallah Arabian Horse Club or IAHC. We accept PayPal payment.  Click on "Add to Cart" on the above type of membership desired.

Payment may be made with PayPal, but please send application form to above via U.S. mail or e-mail:
Send application with fees (if not using PayPal for electronic transfer) to:
Lorry Wagner
8222 Athel Street
Inyokern, California 93527
e-mail:  Lorry Wagner

Click here for Insallah AHC Membership Application Form

This is a .pdf file and requires Adobe Reader
For those with dial-up, please allow generous time for downloading, it might take a while!

If you don't have Adobe Reader on your computer click on the icon below and download the program.  It is a free program.


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