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2008 Newsletters
Please give extra time for downloading these newsletters which are in color and contain many pictures. 

August 2008
September 2008
October 2008
November 2008
 This newsletter introduces our first "Featured Article" containing history and horsemanship from around the world!  This month focuses on
The Art of Marialva from Portugal
December 2008
Our "Featured Article" this month addresses the art of the Doma Vaquera Horsemanship from Spain
2009 Newsletters
January 2009
February 2009
 Our "Featured Article" this month is entitled "Pure Breed, Pure Blood, Pure Syrian" highlighting the history of the Arabian horse in Syria!
March 2009
Includes a report on the 2007 WAHO Conference in Damascus, Syria
April 2009
Includes a report on the 2009 WAHO Conference in Muscat, Oman
May 2009
Our "Featured Article" this month is entitled "Australian Arabian Breeding, Part 1...1788 - 1939"
highlighting the history of the Arabian horse in Australia!
June 2009 IAHC Newsletter
"Horseman's Corner" features an article on the "Myth About Long Shanks on Bits"
July 2009 IAHC Newsletter
"Horseman's Corner" features two of our IAHC members and their horses at recent shows
August/September 2009 IAHC Newsletter
"Horseman's Corner" again features two of our IAHC members and their contributions to the Arabian horse from various endeavors
October 2009 IAHC Newsletter
Featuring "Bloodless Bull Fighting" exhibition at Sheila Varian's 2009 Summer Jubilee and IAHC Member Competing in Driving
November 2009 IAHC Newsletter
Featuring "Memories of the Crabbet Stud"
December 2009 IAHC Newsletter
Featuring AHA Specials and
"The Truth About AHA Sweepstakes"
2010 Newsletters
January 2010
 Featured this month is a short article on the history of making a Native Costume for USA Competition
February 2010
This month's feature is twofold!
1) Preservation Breeding by Charles Craver
2) Discussion of Changes in AHA policies and fees
March 2010
This month contains a delightful story submitted by Jon Michael about his mare Blacklady Khiyara

April 2010
April brings us another wonderful story submitted by Jon Michael plus an opinion piece by Penny Wardlaw addressing Genetic Disease in our breed!
May 2010
"Winners Circle", new feature added
June 2010
Part 1 of the history of the Arabian horses of Iran including details of the "family strains" of the area is featured this month. 
July 2010
Part 2 of the history of the Arabian horses of Iran.
August 2010
This month the building of a barn is featured.
September 2010
Featuring reports on a vacation trip to Scotland and changes at the Arabian Horse Center and Library at Cal Poly University in Pomona, California, USA
October 2010
Preliminary information included addresses upcoming the IAHA On-line Horse Show.   This new concept opens the doors to participation from anywhere in the world.  We welcome and encourage entries from our International Friends.
November 2010
Continuing information on upcoming On-Line Horse Show. Updated Cafe Press information and much more.
December 2010
Featuring a Tribute to
Mary Anne Grimmell.
2011 Newsletters
January & February, 2011
"On The Lighter Side" featuring modern-day text-messaging language
March, 2011
Featuring the 2010 AHA Arabian Horse Ambassador
"Kist bythe Wind"
owned by the Hatfields of Porterville, California, USA

April, 2011
This issue starts Part 1 of the story of Mary Gharagozlou of Iran
May, 2011
Continuing with Part 2, The Tall Tales of the Tribes of Iran by Mary Gharagozlou of Iran
June, 2011
A look back in the early history of Region 2, International Arabian Horse Association (now the Arabian Horse Association) and continuing with Part 3 of  "The Tall Tales of the Tribes of Iran" by Mary Gharagozlou of Iran
July, 2011
Remembering the first IAHA Regional Show broadcasting live on the Internet in 1999 and continuing with Part 4 of  "The Tall Tales of the Tribes of Iran" by Mary Gharagozlou of Iran
August, 2011
Features the final chapter of Mary Gharagozlou's article, in addition to a featured article from the organization, Another Chance 4 Horses.
September/October, 2011
Features an in-depth article of the 2007 WAHO Conference held in Damascus, Syria, including the 6-day post tour by Marianne Hatfield of Porterville, California

November, 2011
Featuring the first endurance horse halter class and changes in Insallah AHC's meeting schedule!
December, 2011

IAHC's President has a new horse!
2012 Newsletters
January, 2012

This month features a report on the creation, history and purpose of The Resolve Team, which corrects the record addressing the problems of WAHO and AHRA from 1996 through 2006.
February, 2012
From the 1953 "Arabian Horse News" we bring you an article on the history of Skowronek written by Dr. Pesi Gazder.
March, 2012
From the 1958 "Arabian Horse News" we bring you Part 2 of the history of Skowronek
April, 2012
Article giving over-view of the influence of the Arabian horse on the history of the creation our Organizations
May, 2012
Featuring Part 1 of an article describing the use of the Fiador/Pheodore/Theodore and directions for tying the special  knot for this accessory to the hackamore.
June/July, 2012
Introducing Jay Greenberg
Arabian Horse Association, Region 2 Director-Elect, 2012 - 2014
and Part 2, Fiador Knots
September, 2012
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
September features Part 3 of the Series of instructions for creating and executing the unique knot configurations to attach it to the bosal.  Since this article contains over 21 pictures it is of great size, thus I have broken this issue into 5 parts for ease and speed of downloading.  Download and print out all 5 parts, staple them together and you will end up with a complete Newsletter.
October/November, 2012
IAHC Officer Elections and news from 2012 AHA Convention
December, 2012
Report on AHA 2012 Convention plus listings of many of our Cafe Press Products which can be customized with your pictures.


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